Become a gem hunter!

You want to live a unique and exceptional experience, look no further and join us on our gemology trips around the world.

Our gemology field trips are aimed at both amateurs and professionals in the field of jewellery and gemology and are focused on the transmission of the knowledge of the gemmological profession, from theory to practice.

A complete program is proposed to you. Visit the different types of mines, the heating of the stones, the workshops of size, the markets of stones as well as some surprises.

Give yourself a precious break!

Imagine discovering the fascinating world of gemstones accompanied by professionals in the field, sharing their secrets and techniques for recognizing stones.

At every stage of your stay, we will be at your side.

You can even buy your stones on the spot at unbeatable prices.

Discover the mines!

Mines around the world are alluvial, underground or open pit. We propose to visit the three types of mines present on the spot according to the chosen destinations for a perfect understanding of the techniques of extraction of the gems and will be able to initiate you with the various modes of extraction of the gems.

Sri-Lanka produces naturally sapphires, rubies, spinels, alexandrites, tourmalines, zircons, peridots, citrines, topazes, garnets, quartz, moonstones among the most famous gems.

Sapphire remains the most extracted gem of the island and is especially present between Kolonné and Ratnapura. The exploitation there remains very rudimentary, the alluviums, locally called "illam" are extracted in wells of a maximum depth of 15 meters before being filtered in wicker bins.

India is known throughout the world for the trade of gems that come from all over the world and are cut in Jaipur.

Brazil is famous for its Paraibas tourmalines, emeralds and Santa Maria aquamarines.

Madagascar is known for its very rich soil in gems, very close to the gems present in Sri-Lanka.

Russia is well known for its demantoid garnets, Ural emeralds and diamonds.

We invite you to learn about the different ways of extracting gems, and you will be able to learn how to use the "bâtée", and go down into the underground mines during your stay with us, in the best safety conditions.

The guides

Benoît Charbonneau

Trained as a jeweler and Gemmologist at the GIA, Benoît invites you to discover his passion for gems. Fascinated since always by the stones, he does not cease to carry you in his world made of colors and travels.

With 20 years of experience in jewellery and gemology, as a trader for the Place Vendôme and with artisan jewellers between Asia and France, he puts all his trading experience and expertise at your service.

Ingrid Kintgen

Gemmologist graduated from the Gem-A since 2010, Ingrid invites you to discover the fascinating world of gems. Passionate since her childhood about stones and travels, she will take you into a world of colors and sparkles, offering initiations to gemology.

Associated with jewellers and traders, which allows her to create extraordinary jewels with a wide choice of quality stones.

Your hotels

Because we believe that your gemology experience should be unique and unforgettable, we have personally selected each of your hotels with the utmost care.

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