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Académie de Gemmologie Appliquée & Technique (AGAT)

The Academy of Applied Gemology & Technology (AGAT), was established in 2019 to meet increasingly specific needs in the gem and jewelry/jewelry industries.

The AGAT School of Gemology offers multiple training programs in gemology, the Art and Science of gemstones, some of which are exclusive to AGAT.

These programs have been specifically designed and built to enable us to prepare the next generation of professional gemologists to meet the emerging challenges of the rapidly expanding gem and jewelry industries.

Raw gems, cut gems and set gems, training on the entire value chain of precious stones, i.e. from the mine to the jewel, are offered at AGAT in one place by professionals.

Co-founded by Dr. Laurent Massi and Ludovic Durand Oro, this gemology school is much more than a classic gemology school.

Laurent Massi is a doctor of physics from the University of Nantes, a gem expert, lecturer and professor of gemology - the art and science of gemstones - for over two decades. Passionate about gemology and education, Dr. Massi has lectured and taught about gems all over the world. »

We occasionally give lectures on gemology at the AGAT.

Learn more https://agat-gemology.com

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